School of Minerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Faculty Members


Dr. Santanu Mandal

Assistant Professor, -
Tel: -
Research Interests: -Biomaterials: Metals, Ceramics and Composites -Corrosion Engineering of Biomaterial...

Dr. Sudipta Pramanik

Assistant Professor,
Tel: -
Research Interests: Metal additive manufacturing (laser powder bed fusion and electron beam powder bed fu...

Prof. Animesh Mandal

Professor, HoS
Tel: (+91)-674-713-6906
Research Interests: Aluminium alloys; Magnesium alloys; Recycling of aluminium alloys; Metal Matrix Compo...

Prof. Brahma Deo

MGM Chair Professor
Tel: (+91)-674-713-7001,+91-9935440901
Research Interests: Process Control and Modelling of BOF, AOD, VOD. Blast Furnace, Ladle Management ,FEM,...

Dr. Kodanda Ram Mangipudi

Assistant Professor
Tel: (+91)674-713-6924
Research Interests: Computational Mechanics; Mechanical behavior of (nano)composite materials; ...

Dr. Miral Verma

Assistant Professor,
Tel: (+91) 809-029-0924
Research Interests: Phase-field modeling for microstructure evolution; Thin film dewetting and grain grow...

Dr. Partha Sarathi De

Associate Professor
Research Interests: High Entropy Alloys - Structure;  Property and Processing;Friction Stir W...

Dr. Sivaiah Bathula

Associate Professor
Tel: Office: (+91)-674-7136914
Research Interests:  Thermoelectric Materials and Devices; Powder Materials and Processing; Advanced...

Dr. Srikant Gollapudi

Associate Professor
Tel: (+91)-674-713-6916,9566288703
Research Interests: Creep behavior of titanium, zirconium, magnesium and aluminum alloys and solders; Me...

Dr. Amritendu Roy

Associate Professor
Tel: (+91)674-713-6904
Research Interests: Strongly correlated materials; Ferroic and multiferroic materials; Transition metal o...

Dr. Kisor Kumar Sahu

Associate Professor
Tel: (+91)674-713-6914
Research Interests: Modeling & simulation, Structural & magnetic frustration of materials, Synchrotron an...

Dr. Maya Katapadi Kini

Assistant Professor,
Research Interests: Lead free solder alloys; Multi principal element alloy (HEA) thin films; ...

Dr. Rama Krushna Sabat

Assistant Professor,
Tel: 0674-713-6912
Research Interests: Virtual characterization using synthetic microstructure, Prediction of forming limit ...

Dr. Snigdha Ghosh

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Mathematical modelling of metallurgical processes; Iron and steel making; surface phe...

Dr. Soobhankar Pati

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Electrometallurgy and Electrochemical Engineering: Extraction and Recycling of M...