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To provide intellectual, congenial and vibrant atmosphere for developing state of the art education and research in Earth System Sciences guided by an integrated systemic view of Earth-Ocean-Atmospheric interaction processes for sustainable development.
Earth is a complex and dynamic system. While understanding and appreciating its working is essential, knowledge of its dynamics is not only important but also necessary for sustainable living. Earth scientists, atmospheric scientists and oceanographers have challenging responsibilities to help guide the planet through the current climate crisis.

The School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences at IIT Bhubaneswar has been set up taking the aforesaid into consideration. Though rich in natural resources, Odisha is also prone to natural calamities like flood, drought, tropical storms and cyclones. The region also faces massive problems of pollution due to large mining operations and coal combustion, costal erosions, mangrove depletion etc. The famous Chilka lake and bio-reserve areas like Similipal are under severe threats. Even though these appear as local and regional problems, they have far reaching global implications.

It is the aim of the School to create well trained, educated and competent human resource to address various issues like protection of water and air, development of renewable energy, hydrocarbons, disaster prediction and preparedness, watershed and flood management, coastal erosion, environment pollution assessment, resource conservation and recycling, development of clean technologies, climate change prediction and impact on socio-economic well-being.

The School shall offer both undergraduate and post graduate level degree programmes besides doctoral research avenues. The proposed programmes are designed to impart state-of-the-art education and training on both fundamental and applied aspects of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences besides enabling the students to carry out cutting edge research in Earth System Sciences.

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