AI & HPC Research Center

AHRC is an interdisciplinary and collaborative research center established at IIT Bhubaneswar in May 2023. At AHRC, faculty members and researchers from multiple disciplines at IIT Bhubaneswar and other prominent academic/industry/govt. institutions around the globe work together to find solutions to real world problems in several areas through research, innovation and application of Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing.

AI has become ubiquitous in all walks of life, and for meaningful AI, HPC (High Performance Computing) has become indispensable. Recognising this convergence, AHRC is striving to build a strong, integrated research program in AI and HPC. As researchers working in isolation do not have adequate resources or knowledge base for solving complex real world problems, AHRC promotes a collaborative environment where researchers from multiple disciplines and institutions come together to form a common resource pool and knowledge pool. Researchers from the fields of engineering, computer science, medicine, agriculture, basic sciences and other areas work together to find integrated and comprehensive hardware and software solutions to problems faced by industry and society in general. Our most pressing research and innovation focus is in the application of Artificial Intelligence in areas that directly benefits the society such as medicine, agriculture, environment, sustainable communities and security.