Dr. Soobhankar Pati Associate Professor
School of Minerals, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Research Interests

Electrometallurgy and Electrochemical Engineering: Extraction and Recycling of Metals, Batteries, Solid Oxide Fuel/Electrolytic Cells, Polymer Electrolyte Fuel/Electrolytic Cells.

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  • SMMME 109
  • spati@iitbbs.ac.in

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 Degree Discipline Year School
  Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering 2010 Boston University
  M.Tech Metallurgy 2005 IIT Kharagpur
  B.Tech Ceramic Engineering 2002 NIT Rourkela


Soobhankar Pati is an Associate Professor at the School of Minerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at IIT Bhubaneswar. He earned his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from Boston University, his Masters in Metallurgy from IIT Kharagpur, and his Bachelors in Ceramic Engineering from NIT Rourkela. Prior to joining IIT Bhubaneswar in 2012, he worked as a Research Engineer at Infinium Metals Inc. in Natick, USA. Soobhankar's research focuses on sustainable energy technologies, particularly in the area of batteries, fuel cells and low-carbon metal extraction processes. He has published several papers and developed many patented technologies. He was awarded the TMS Young Professional Development Award in 2012, the Mann Redmayne Award from IOM3 in 2009, the Electrochemical Society Student Award in 2009, and IOCL Start-up Award in 2022. His research group at IIT Bhubaneswar is actively developing new technologies to shape the future of clean energy. In addition to his research, Soobhankar is also actively involved in administrative activities at IIT Bhubaneswar. He served as the Treasurer of the student gymkhana from 2014 to 2016, and as the Coordinator of Alumni Affairs and International Relations from 2016 to 2022. In his free time, he enjoys reading ancient Indian texts on science and technology, as well as travelling and hiking.


Undergraduate Level:
Thermodynamics of Materials
Chemical Metallurgy
Materials in Archaeology
Graduate Level:
Advanced Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Principles of Extractive Metallurgy
Advanced Electrochemical Methods: Theory and Applications


  1. Electrodeposited wear and corrosion resistant nanocrystalline coatings IIT Bhubaneswar-Seed Grant 05/2013-05/2015 - Completed
  2. Green Production of Hydrogen Storage Material from Natural Grade Iimenite DST 07/2014-07/2017 - Completed
  3. Chemical Vapour Infiltration (CVI) process for Fabrication of Carbon Reinforced Carbon Matrix Composites ASL-DRDO, Hyderabad 10/2014-10/2016 - Completed
  4. Value added Electrochemical Devices from Zircon Obtained from Beach Sands of Odisha Ministry of Mines - Indian Rare Earth Ltd. 3/2018-09/2020 - Completed
  5. Center of Excellence for Novel Energy Materials ( as Co-PI) MHRD 09/2014-09/2021 - Completed
  6. Evaluation of Coal Tar Derived Hard/Soft Carbon Anodes for Li-ion Batteries Tata Steel 06/2021-06/2022 - - Completed
  7. Low temperature electro refining process for production of high purity aluminium (4N and above)- NALCO 02/2019 - 05/022 - Completed
  8. Centre for H2 Solutions - Materials Energy Systems (H2 - M & ES)-Consortium Project DST 04/2019 - 04/2024 - Ongoing
  9. Fast Charging High Energy Density Lithium Ion Batteries with Nanoporous Silicon Anodes- SERB 12/2020 - 12/2023 - Ongoing
  10. Manufacturing of 2-wheeler Lithium-ion battery pack witth hard/soft carbon anode and the possibility of utilizing gamma-MnO2 in lithium-ion battery cathode Tata Steel 12/2022 - 12/2024 - Ongoing
  11. Integrity and Corrosion Resistance Study of Konarka Iron Beams DST-SHRI Scheme 03/2023 - 04/2025 - Funds Awaited - Ongoing

Recent Publications (International Journals)

1Sradhasagar, Siddharth; Mallick, Sagar; Rath, Ashutosh; Pati, Soobhankar; Roy, Amritendu; Role of Fe3+ doping vis-à-vis secondary phases on the electrical transport of LiTi2 (PO4) 3 solid electrolyte, Materials Today Communications, 105621, 2023
2Tripathy, Subhrasmita; Sahoo, Diptikanta; Roy, Sudesna; Pati, Soobhankar; Effect of Substrate Heating on Corrosion Behavior of Nickel Coated on AISI 1020 Steel by Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 1-7, 2022 https://doi.org/10.1007/s11665-022-07500-1
3Padhee, Satya Prakash; Roy, Amritendu; Pati, Soobhankar; Role of Mn-substitution towards the enhanced hydrogen storage performance in FeTi, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 47, 15, 9357-9371, 2022
4Padhee, Satya Prakash; Chanda, Uttam Kumar; Singh, Randhir; Roy, Amritendu; Mishra, Bighnaraj; Pati, Soobhankar; Electro-deoxidation process for producing FeTi from low-grade ilmenite: tailoring precursor composition for hydrogen storage, Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy, 7, 1178-1189, 2021
5Nayak, Deepak; Ray, Nigamananda; Dash, Nilima; Rath, Swagat S; Pati, Soobhankar; De, Partha S; An Optimal Route for the Preparation of Metallized Composite Pellets from Ilmenite Concentrate, Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy, 7, 1102-1115, 2021
6Acharya, Truptimayee; Chaupatnaik, Anshuman; Pathak, Anil; Roy, Amritendu; Pati, Soobhankar; Effect of calendering on rate performance of Li 4 Ti 5 O 12 anodes for lithium-ion batteries, Journal of Electroceramics, 01-Aug, 2020
7Nayak, Deepak; Ray, Nigamananda; Dash, Nilima; Rath, Swagat S; Pati, Soobhankar; De, Partha S; Induration aspects of low-grade ilmenite pellets: Optimization of oxidation parameters and characterization for direct reduction application, Powder Technology, 380, 408-420, 2021
8Pathak, Anil D; Samanta, Kousik; Sahu, Kisor K; Pati, Soobhankar; Mechanistic insight into the performance enhancement of Si anode of a lithium-ion battery with a fluoroethylene carbonate electrolyte additive, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 51 143-154, 2021
9Singh, Veerendra; Pati, Soobhankar; Kumar, Kishan; Development of a process to produce manganese nanomaterials from low grade ferruginous manganese ores, Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy, 130, 4, 324-331, 2021
10Chanda, Uttam K; Padhee, Satya Prakash; Pandey, Ashwani K; Roy, Sudesna; Pati, Soobhankar; Electrodeposited Ni–Mo–Cr–P coatings for AISI 1020 steel bipolar plates, International journal of hydrogen energy, 45, 41, 21892-21904, 2020
11Pathak, Anil D; Chanda, Uttam K; Samanta, Kousik; Mandal, Animesh; Sahu, Kisor K; Pati, Soobhankar; Selective leaching of Al from hypereutectic Al-Si alloy to produce nano-porous silicon (NPS) anodes for lithium ion batteries, Electrochimica Acta, 317, 654-662, 2019

Academic Honors & Awards

  • IOCL Start-up Award
  • 2012 TMS Young Professional Development Award
  • 2009 Mann Redmayne Award (IOM3)

Research Scholar

  1. Anil Pathak (Graduated 2019)
  2. Uttam Chanda (Graduated 2020)
  3. Satya Prakash Padhee (Graduated 2022)
  4. Ashwani Pandey (Expected 2023)
  5. Siddharth Shradhasagar( Co-Supervisor: Expected 2023)
  6. Somen Jena (Expected 2024)
  7. Diptikanta Sahoo (Expected 2024)
  8. Deepak Nayak (Co-Supervisor, Sponsored: Expected 2023)
  9. Ajay Behera (Sponsored : Expected 2023)
  10. Nigam Ray (Sponsored : Expected 2024)
  11. Jitendra Sadangi (Sponsored : Expected 2025)

Professional Experience

Associate Professor, IIT Bhubaneswar : 2022 - Till date                                                                                                                                                   Assistant Professor, IIT Bhubaneswar : 2013 - 2022                                                                                                                             Assistant Professor on contract, IIT Bhubaneswar : 2012 - 2013                                                                                                           Research Engineer, Infinium Metals Inc (previously Metal Oxygen Separation Technologies) : 2010 - 2012     

Books Edited

Book Chapters

  1. Sradhasagar, Siddharth; Pati, Soobhankar; Roy, Amritendu; Methods and Techniques of Solid-State Batteries Solid State Batteries Volume 1: Emerging Materials and Applications, 39-89, 2022
  2. Available technologies for remanufacturing, repurposing, and recycling lithium-ion batteries: an introduction, A Pandey, S Patnaik, S Pati, Nano Technology for Battery Recycling, Remanufacturing, and Reusing, 33-51, 2022


  1. Uday B Pal, Rachel Delucas, Soobhankar Pati, “Magnesiothermic SOM process for production of Metals” Publication Number: WO/2008/046018.
  2. Adam Powell, Soobhankar Pati, Jason Douglas, Steve Derenzinski, “Method and Apparatus for Condensing Liquid Magnesium and Other Volatile Metals from Low-Pressure Metal Vapor” USPTO Application Number: 61505958
  3. Adam Powell, Soobhankar Pati, Uday B Pal, Steve Derezinski, “Liquid Anodes and Fuels for Production of Metals from Their Oxides by Molten Salt Electrolysis with a Solid Electrolyte” USPTO App Number: 61526129.

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