Residential Area


Brahmaputra Hall of ResidenceTimeline

Mahanadi Hall of Residence Timeline

Ganga Hall of Residence Timeline

Subarnarekha Hall of Residence Timeline


Health center

  1. Dispensary-Male
  2. Dispensary-Female
  3. Round the clock availability of experienced doctors
  4. Well equipped ambulances
  5. Paramedical staff nurses
  6. life-saving drugs
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Sports Facility

  1. Student Activity Center
  2. Cricket Field
  3. Volleyball Courts
  4. Basketball Courts
  5. Table Tennis
  6. Squash Courts
  7. Athletic Track
  8. Hockey Field
  9. Badminton Courts
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Residential facility for Faculty and Staff

  1. Faculty quarters block having 80 quarters
  2. 40 room guest house
  3. Staff quarter block having 40 quarters
  4. Mini-Market
  5. 200 seated community centre

Staff Quarters

Guest HouseTimeline

Shopping ComplexTimeline

Community HallTimeline