Circular regarding Mahatma Gandhiji

The Institute would observe Two Minutes Silence at 11 AM on 30th January 2013 as in the past in Memory of those who gave their lives in the struggle for India's Freedom (Gandhiji's Martyrdom Day)
In accordance with instructions issued by the Govt of India [copy attached], Silence should be observed and work and movement stopped for two minutes throught the country at AM on 30th January every year.
All Faculty Members, Officers and Staff of the Institute are requested to assemble in the Institute Auditorium (Samantapuri Campus) latest by 10.45 AM for the purpose to pay their homage to the Freedom Fighters of the country which led by the Director.
However, those who have classes during this period, such faculty members and students may observe two minutes silence by standing up from 11.00 AM to 11.02 AM inside the class itself.
Transport facility would be available from Tosahli to KGP Campus for the purpose.