School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management
Broad Research Areas (Ph.D. Admission):Economics

Open macroeconomics and Natural Resource Economics. Environmental Economics, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development, Climate Change, Mining Economics, Financial Management, Health Economics, Transportation Economics, Financial Economics, Behavioural Economics, Energy Economics & Health Economics, Finance, Political Economics, Public Economics, Development Economics, Labour Economics, Law and Economics, Dynamic Macroeconomic Modeling, Empirical Financial Analytics, Time-Frequency Financial Analysis, Empirical Industrial Organisation.

Broad Research Areas (Ph.D. Admission):English

Indian Diaspora Literature, Travel Writings/Autobiographies/Memoirs, Film and Media Studies, Gender Studies and Science Fiction, Indian Writing in English. Postcolonial World Literature, Native North American Literature, Indigenous Literature Written in English, Indian Writing in English, ELT, Cross-cultural Communication, Business Communication, Eco Lit, Memory Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Nationalist Thought, Comparative Mythology and Culture Studies, Applied Linguistics, American Literature

Broad Research Areas (Ph.D. Admission):Psychology

Cognitive Science, Cognitive Science and Memory, Psychology of Cognition and Emotion, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Social Cognition and Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, Forensic and Criminal Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology, Cyber Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health of Marginalized Populations, Health Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Qualitative Research in Social Science, Community Psychology, Psychosocial Understanding of Tribal Societies in India, Critical Pedagogical Studies in Indian Education System, Understanding Public Health Policies in India, Cultural Intelligence, Intergroup relations, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Emotional Recognition, Clinical disorders

Broad Research Areas (Ph.D. Admission):Philosophy

Applied Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, Indigenous Philosophy, Existentialism, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Language, Indian Philosophy, Public Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Feminist phenomenology.