Dr. Srikanta Patra Associate Professor
School of Basic Sciences

Research Interests

Metal Mediated Organic Transformations (Catalysis), Metal Based Anticancer Drugs, Functional Materials, Luminescent Materials, Sensors. Please visit the Research Group website for more details

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  • 207, School of Basic Sciences
  • 0674-7135156
  • srikanta@iitbbs.ac.in, patra17@gmail.com

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 Degree Discipline Year School
  Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry 2005 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay




Frontiers in Materials Chemistry, Design and Application of Nanomaterials, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry,  B.Tech. Chemistry, B.Tech. Chemistry Laboratory, M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory


Recent Publications (International Journals)

1Fly Ash Supported Pd-Ag Bimetallic Nanoparticles Exhibiting Synergistic Catalytic Effect for the Reduction of Nitrophenol:Niladri Maity, Anupam Sahoo, Rajkumar Boddhula, Saurav Chatterjee, Srikanta Patra and Binod Bihari Panda; Dalton Transactions - DT-ART-05-2020-001899.R2
2Tandem α/β-alkylation and transfer hydrogenation by heterodimetallic ruthenium-iridium complex; Niranjan Dehury, Saumya Ranjan Mishra, Paltan Laha, Srikanta Patra*; Inorganica Chimica Acta 511 (2020) 119796
3A magnetically separable and recyclable g-C3N4/Fe3O4/porous ruthenium nanocatalyst for the photocatalytic degradation of water-soluble aromatic amines and azo dyes; Anupam Sahoo and Srikanta Patra*; RSC Advances 2020, 10, 6043
4Alkyl chain-modified cyclometalated iridium complexes as tunable anticancer and imaging agents Paltan Laha, Umasankar De, Falguni Chandra, Niranjan Dehury, Sadhika Khullar, Hyung Sik Kim and Srikanta Patra* Dalton Trans. 2018, 47, 15873
5A Combined Process for the Degradation of Azo-dyes and Efficient Removal of Aromatic Amines Using Porous Silicon Supported Porous Ruthenium Nanocatalyst Anupam Sahoo and Srikanta Patra* ACS Applied Nano Materials: 2018, 1, 5169
6Cyclometallated imidazo-phenanthroline iridium complexes and their anticancer activity Palak Garg, Umasankar De, Niranjan Dehury, Hyung Sik Kim, and Srikanta Patra* J. Chem. Sci., 2018, 130, 76
7Preparation and mechanistic aspect of natural xanthone functionalized gold nanoparticle Nabanita Patra, Niranjan Dehury, Abhisek Pal, Anindita Behera and Srikanta Patra* Materials Science and Engineering: C, 2018, 90, 439
8Green synthesis of multi-metallic nanocubes Nabanita Patra, Ashoka Chary Taviti, Anupam Sahoo, Abhisek Pal, Tushar Kant Beuria, Anindita Behera and Srikanta Patra RSC Advances, 2017, 7, 35111
9Long-Lived Polypyridyl Based Mononuclear Ruthenium Complexes:Synthesis, Structure, and Azo Dye Decomposition Koushik Singha, Paltan Laha, Falguni Chandra, Niranjan Dehury, Apurba L. Koner and Srikanta Patra Inorg. Chem. 2017, 56, 6489.
10Niranjan Dehury, Niladri Maity, Suman Kumar Tripathy, Jean-Marie Basset, and Srikanta Patra:Dinuclear Tetrapyrazolyl Palladium Complexes Exhibiting Facile Tandem Transfer Hydrogenation/Suzuki Coupling Reaction of Fluoroarylketone ACS Catal., 2016, 6, 5535
11Suman Kumar Tripathy, Margarethe van der Meer, Anupam Sahoo, Paltan Laha, Niranjan Dehury, Sebastian Plebst, Biprajit Sarkar, Kousik Samanta and Srikanta Patra: A dinuclear [{(p-cym)RuIICl}2(μ-bpytz˙−)]+ complex bridged by a radical anion: synthesis, spectroelectrochemical, EPR and theoretical investigation (bpytz = 3,6-bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)1,2,4,5-tetrazine; p-cym = p-cymene) Dalton Trans., 2016, 45, 12532
12Falguni Chandra Prashant Kumar Suman Kumar Tripathi, Srikanta Patra, and Apurba L. Koner: Iridium Complexes as a Roadblock for DNA Polymerase during Amplification ChemMedChem, 2016, 11, 1410
13Anupam Sahoo, Suman Kumar Tripathy, Niranjan Dehury and Srikanta Patra, J. Mater. Chem. A 2015. 3, 19376 : A porous trimetallic Au@Pd@Ru nanoparticle system: synthesis, characterisation and efficient dye degradation and removal
14Suman Kumar Tripathy, Ashoka Chary Taviti, Niranjan Dehury, Anupam Sahoo, Satyanaryan Pal,Tushar Kant Beuria and Srikanta Patra, Synthesis, characterisation and antibacterial activity of [(p-cym)RuX(L)]+/2+ (X = Cl, H2O; L = bpmo, bpms) complexes: Dalton Trans, 2015,44, 5114,
15Niranjan Dehury, Suman Kumar Tripathy, Anupam Sahoo, Niladri Maity and Srikanta Patra Facile tandem Suzuki coupling/transfer hydrogenation reaction by bisheteroscorpionate Pd-Ru complex Dalton Trans, 2014,43, 16597
16Suman Kumar Tripathy, Umasankar De, Niranjan Dehury, Satyanarayan Pal, Hyung Sik Kim and Srikanta Patra , Dinuclear [{(p-cym)RuCl}2(μ-phpy)](PF6)2 and heterodinuclear [(ppy)2Ir(μ-phpy)Ru(p-cym)Cl](PF6)2 complexes: synthesis, structure and anticancer Activity Dalton Transaction 2014, 43, 14546
17Suman Kumar Tripathy, Raj Kiran Surada, Rajesh K. Manne, Shaikh M. Mobin, Manas Kumar Santra and Srikanta Patra , Synthesis, characterisation and biological activities of [(p-cym)RuX(pz4lut)]n+ and [{(p-cym)RuX}2(m-pz4lut)]n+ (X= Cl, H2O and pz4lut = a,a,a¢,a¢-tetra(pyrazol-1-yl)-2,6-lutidine) Dalton Transaction 2013. 42, 14081
18Amardeep Singh, Srikanta Patra, Md. Rajibul Akanda and Haesik Yang ,Artificial enzyme-based assay using the esterase-like Cu2+ obtained from electroless Cu deposition and subsequent Cu dissolution Sensors and Actuators, 2012, 171, 866
19Amardeep Singh, Srikanta Patra, Jeong-Ah Lee, Kang Hyun Park and Haesik Yang ,An artificial enzyme-based assay: DNA detection using a peroxidase-like copper–creatinine complex Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2011, 26, 4798
20Hyun Ju Kang, Srikanta Patra, Jagotamoy Das, Md. Abdul Aziz, Jinkyung Jo, and Haesik Yang ,Effect of Aging on the Electrocatalytic Activity of Gold Nanoparticles Electrochemistry. Communications, 2010, 12, 1245.
21Srikanta Patra and Haesik Yang , Synthesis of Trimetallic Au@Pb@Pt Core-shell Nanoparticles and Their Electrocatalytic Activity for Formic Acid Electrooxidation Bulletin of Korean Chemical Society, 2009, 30, 1485
22Srikanta Patra, Jagotamoy Das and Haesik Yang ,Selective Deposition of Pt on Au Nanoparticles Using Hydrogen Presorbed into Au Nanoparticles During NaBH4 Treatment* Electrochimica Acta, 2009, 54, 3441
23Jagotamoy Das, Srikanta Patra and Haesik Yang , "Enhancement of the Electrocatalytic Activity of Gold Nanoparticles via NaBH4 Treatment",Chem. Commun., 2008, 4451.
24Srikanta Patra, Biprajit Sarkar, Shaikh M. Mobin, Wolfgang Kaim, and Goutam Kumar Lahiri ,"Separating Innocence and Non-Innocence of Ligands and Metals in Complexes [(L)Ru(acac)2]n (n = -1, 0,+1; L = o-Iminoquinone or o-Iminothioquinone)" Inorg. Chem ., 2003, 42, 6469.
25Biprajit Sarkar, Srikanta Patra, Jan Fiedler, Raghavan B. Sunoj, Deepa Janardanan, Shaikh M. Mobin, Mark Niemeyer, Goutam Kumar Lahiri, and Wolfgang Kaim ,"Theoretical and Experimental Evidence for a New Kind of Spin-Coupled Singlet Species: Isomeric Mixed-Valent Complexes Bridged by an Anion Radical Ligand", Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2005, 44, 5655.
26 Srikanta Patra, Biplab Mondal, Biprajit Sarkar, Mark Niemeyer and Goutam Kumar Lahiri,"First Example of m3-Sulfido Bridged Mixed-Valent Triruthenium Complex Triangle RuIII2RuII (O, O-acetylacetonate)3 (m-O,O, g-C-acetylacetonate)3(m3-S)(1) Incorporating Simultaneous O, O- and g -C-Bonded Bridging Acetylacetonate Units. Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Spectral and Redox Properties" Inorg. Chem., 2003, 42, 1322.
27Srikanta Patra, Biprajit Sarkar, Somnath Maji, Jan Fiedler, Francisco A. Urbanos, Reyes Jimenez-Aparicio, Wolfgang Kaim, and Goutam Kumar Lahiri ,"Controlling Metal/Ligand/Metal Oxidation State Combinations by Ancillary Ligand (L) Variation in the Redox Systems [L2Ru(m-boptz)RuL2]n, boptz2- = 3,6-bis(2-oxidophenyl)-1,2,4,5-tetrazine and L= acac-, bpy or pap (2-phenylazopyridine)" Chem. Eur. J., 2006,12, 489.
28Biprajit Sarkar, Srikanta Patra, Jan Fiedler, Raghavan B. Sunoj, Deepa Janardanan, Goutam Kumar Lahiri, Wolfgang Kaim, "Mixed-Valent Metals Bridged by a Radical Ligand: Fact or Fiction Based on Structure-Oxidation State Correlations" J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2008, 130, 3532.
29Md. Abdul Aziz, Srikanta Patra and Haesik Yang, "Facile Preparation of Low Surface Coverage of Au Nanoparticles on an Indium Tin Oxide Electrode and its Application to Sensitive Protein Detection", Chem. Commun., 2008,4607.
Author(s) Recent Publication (International Journals)
Suman Kumar Tripathy, Margarethe van der Meer, Anupam Sahoo, Paltan Laha, Niranjan Dehury, Sebastian Plebst, Biprajit Sarkar, Kousik Samanta and Srikanta Patra
Srikanta Patra , Suman Kumar Tripathy , Umasankar De , Niranjan Dehury , Paltan Laha , Hyung Sik Kim and Manas K. Panda
Falguni Chandra, Prashant Kumar, Suman Kumar Tripathi, Srikanta Patra and Apurba L. Koner
Niranjan Dehury, Niladri Maity, Suman Kumar Tripathy, Jean-Marie Basset, and Srikanta Patra

Academic Honors & Awards

  • Member National Academy of Sciences, India
  • Received Minakshi Lalit Award in Chemistry, by Gujarat Science Academy in 2000.
  • Qualified in All India level Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE-2001).
  • Awarded Junior Research Fellowship by the University Grant Commission (UGC), New Delhi, India in 2001.
  • Awarded Junior Research Fellowship by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, India in 2002.
  • Awarded Senior Research Fellowship by the University Grant Commission (UGC), New Delhi, India in 2004.
  • Awarded Outstanding Research Award in Science for the year 2005, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Research Scholar

PhD(2 completed, 1 awaiting, 3 Continuing), MSc( 12 Completed), MTech (1 Completed)

Development of Heterodimetallic Complexes and Their Theranostic and Catalytic Aspects: Sponsoring Agency SERB (EMR Scheme); Ongoing

A Novel fluorescence-based assay for rapid detection and quantification of Exosomes,; Sponsoring Agency SERB (IMPRINT II Scheme) Ongoing

Development of dppz Based Mononuclear Complexes of Iridium and Gold as Potential Luminescent Probe and Anticancer Agent Sponsoring agency: CSIR; Ongoing

Design and Development of Heterodimetallic Complexes of Ruthenium, Iridium and Palladium and Their Chemical and Biological Aspects Sponsoring agency: SERB; Completed

Development of Transition Metal Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles and Their Potential Applications Sponsoring Agency: CSIR: Completed

Development of Metal-Heteroscorpionate Ligands Motif and Their Potential Applications Sponsoring Agency: DST; Completed

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