Prof. Shantanu Pal Professor
School of Basic Sciences

Research Interests

  1. Development of novel methodologies using transition metal catalyzed C-C and C-X bond formation and application in total synthesis of natural products and bioactive molecules.
  2. Development of chemically modified small molecules as therapeutic agent: Design and synthesis of modified nucleosides as anticancer or antiviral drugs.

Contact Details

  • Room no 206, SBS
  • 0674 7135148

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 Degree Discipline Year School
  Ph.D. Organic Synthetic Chemistry 2006 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay




Concept of Organic Synthesis (CY5L003), Advaned Organic Chemistry (CY5L007), Advanced Heterocyclic Chemistry (CY7L031), Organic Chemistry Laboratory (CY5P001), Chemistry Laboratory(CY1P001), Preparatory Chemistry.


Recent Publications (International Journals)

1A. Panda, R. G. Biswas, S. Pal "A unified and common intermediate strategy for the asymmetric total synthesis of 3-deoxy-neo-inositol and conduritol E" Tetrahedron Lett. 2016, 57, 3625–3628.
2A. Panda, S. Satpati, A. Dixit and S. Pal "Novel homologated-apio adenosine derivatives as A3 adenosine receptor agonists: design, synthesis and molecular docking studies" RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 11233-11239.
3A. Panda, S. Islam, M. K. Santra and S. Pal “Lead tetraacetate mediated one pot oxidative cleavage and acetylation reaction: An approach to apio and homologated apio pyrimidine nucleosides and their anticancer activity” RSC Adv., 2015, 5, 82450-82459.
4S. Das, A. Panda and S. Pal “A common and versatile synthetic route to (−) and (+) pentenomycin I, (+) halopentenomycin I and dehydropentenomycin” Carbohydr. Res., 2015, 416, 24–31.
5A. Panda, S. Das and S. Pal “Highly regio- and diastereoselective, acidic clay supported intramolecular nitrile oxide–alkene cycloaddition on D-ribose derived nitriles: an efficient synthetic route to isoxazoline fused five and six membered carbocycles.” Carbohydr. Res., 2014, 398, 13–18.
6S. Pal, W. J. Cho, S. A. Choe, C. Heller, Z. G. Gao, M. Chinn, K. A. acobson, X. Hou, S. K. Lee, H. O. Kim, L. S. Jeong “Structure–activity relationships of truncated adenosine derivatives as highly potent and selective human A3 adenosine receptor antagonists” Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2009, 17, 3733-3738.
7L. S. Jeong, S. Pal, S. A. Choe, W. J. Choi, K. A. Jacobson, Z. G. Gao, A. M. Klutz, X. Hou, H.O. Kim, H. W. Lee, S. K. Lee, D. K. Tosh, H. R. Moon “Structure–activity relationships of truncated D and L-4’-thioadenosine derivatives as highly potent and selective as human A3 adenosine receptor antagonists” J. Med. Chem. 2008, 51, 6609-6613.
8X. Hou, S. Pal, W. J. Choi, H. O. Kim, A. Tipnis, K. A. Jacobson and L. S. Jeong. “Design and synthesis of truncated 4’-thioadenosine derivatives as potent and selective A3 adenosine receptor” Nucleic Acids Symposium Series 2008, 52, 641-642.
9D. K. Tosh, W. J. Choi, H. O. Kim, Y. Lee, S. Pal, X. Hou, J. Choi, S. Choi, L. S. Jeong “Stereoselective synthesis and conformational study of novel 2’,3’-Didehydro-2’,3’-dideoxy-4’-selenonucleoside.” J. Org. Chem. 2008, 73, 4259-4262.
10L. S. Jeong, H. W. Lee, H. O. Kim, D. K. Tosh, S. Pal; W. J. Choi, Z. G. Gao, A. R. Patel, W. Williams, K. A. Jacobson, H. D. Kim “Structure–activity relationships of 2-Chloro-N6-substituted-4′-thioadenosine-5′-N,N-dialkyluronamides as human A3 adenosine receptor antagonists” Biorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2008, 18, 1612-1616.
11L. S. Jeong, L. X. Zhao, W. J. Choi, S. Pal, Y. H. Park, S. K. Lee, M. W. Chum, Y. B. Lee, C. H. Anh, H. R. Moon “Synthesis and Antitumor activity of fluorocyclopentenyl-pyrimidines.” Nucleosides, Nucleotides Nucleic acids 2007, 26, 713-716.
12M. W. Chum, H. W. Lee, J. H. Kim, H. O. Kim, K. Man, S. Pal; H. R. Moon, L. S. Jeong “Stereoselective synthesis of Homo-apioneplanocin A as potential inhibitor of S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase” Nucleosides, Nucleotides Nucleic acids, 2007, 26, 729-732.
13T. Wang, H. J. Lee, D. K. Tosh, H. O. Kim, S. Pal, S. Choi, Y. Lee, H. R. Moon, L. X. Zhao, K. M. Lee, L. S. Jeong “Design, synthesis, and molecular modeling studies of 5′-deoxy-5′-ureidoadenosine: 5′-ureido group as multiple hydrogen bonding donors in the active site of S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase”. Biorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 2007, 17, 4456-4459.
14V. Singh, S. Pal, D. K Tosh, S. M. Mobin “Molecular complexity from aromatics, cycloaddition of cyclohexa-2,4-dienones, sigmatropic 1,2-acyl shift and ring-closing metathesis: A new, efficient, and stereoselective synthesis of (±) hirsutic acid C and medium ring carbocycles” Tetrahedron, 2007, 63, 2446-2454.
15V. Singh, S. Pal, S. M. Mobin “Cycloaddition between electron deficient -systems, photochemical and radical induced reactions: A novel, general and stereoselective route to polyfunctionalised bridge bicyclo[2.2.2]octanes, bicyclo[3.3.0]-, [4.2.0]octanes and tricycle[,7]decanes.” J. Org. Chem., 2006, 71, 3014-3025.
16V. Singh, S. Lahiri, S. Pal. “Molecular complexity from aromatics: Synthesis and photoreaction of endo-tricyclo[,6]undecane: A stereoselective route to tricyclic framework of protoilludanes” Biorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 2005, 15, 4367-4369.
17V. Singh, S. Pal, S. M. Mobin “Cycloaddition of cyclohexa-2,4-dienones with electron deficient 2partners: A novel and stereoselective route to functionlised bicyclo[2.2.2]octenones”. Chem. Commum., 2002, 2050-2051.

Academic Honors & Awards

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Research Scholar

Ph. D. : 2 (completed) 3 (continuing). M. Sc. : 2 (continuing); 13 (completed)

Book Chapters

1. L. S. Jeong, D. K. Tosh, S. Pal “Synthesis of fluoroneplanocin A” In Current protocols in nucleic acid chemistry ed. Beaucage, S. L. John Wiley & Sons: New York 2008, Chapter 14, unit 14.6.

2. D. K. Tosh, H. O. Kim, S. Pal, J. A. Lee and L. S. Jeong “Synthesis and biological activity of Neplanocin A and   analogues” In Modified Nucleosides: in biochemistry, biotechnology and medicine ed. Herdewijn, P. John Wiley & Sons: New York 2008, Chapter 21, pp 525.


 V. Singh, S. I. Iyer, S. Pal “Recent approaches towards synthesis of cis-decalins” Tetrahedron 2005, 61, 9197-9231.

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