Prof. Saroj Kumar Nayak Professor
School of Basic Sciences

Research Interests

First Principles Molecular dynamics Simulations, Nanostructures, Quantum transport, Quantum Biology

Contact Details

  • SBS-214
  • +91-674-713-5140

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 Degree Discipline Year School
  Ph.D. Physical Science 1995 Jawaharlal Nehru University




Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics


Author(s) Recent Publication (International Journals)
J. Giedt, A. Skinner, and S. K. Nayak
N. Kharche, S. R. Manjari, Y. Zhou, R. E. Geer, and S. K. Nayak
N. Kharche, Y. Zhou, K. P. O'Brien, S. Kar, and S. K. Nayak
P. T. Shemella, N. I. Topilina, I. Soga, B. Pereira, G. Belfort, M Belfort, and S. K. Nayak
Y. Zhang, X-P Peng, Y. Chen, J. Chen, A. Curioni, W. Andreoni, S. K. Nayak and X.- C. Zhang
D. Gandhi, M. Lane, Y. Zhou, A. P. Singh, S. Nayak, U. Tisch, M. Eizenberg, G. Ramnath
X. Peng, A. Alizadeh, S. Ganti, P. Sharma, S. K. Kumar, and S. K. Nayak
N. P. Adhikari, X. Peng, A. Alizadeh, S. Ganti, S. K. Nayak, and S. K. Kumar
X. Y. Wu, A. Selloni, and S. K. Nayak
X.Wu, M. C. Vargas, S. K. Nayak, V. Lotrich, G. Scoles

Academic Honors & Awards

  • Princeton Materials Institute Jr Fellow

Research Scholar

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