Prof. P. Dinakar Professor
School of Infrastructure

Research Interests

Chemical and mineral admixtures in concrete - optimization of mix designs and procedures, new product development; Self Compacting concrete; High performance concrete - production, quality assurance; Durability - corrosion and chemical attack on concrete; Non-destructive testing techniques

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 Degree Discipline Year School
  Ph.D. Civil Engineering 2005 IIT Madras




Introduction to Civil Engineering and Construction Materials (CE20009)


Author(s) Recent Publication (International Journals)
Ganesh Babu, K., and Dinakar P.
Dinakar, P., Babu, K. G and M, Santhanam
Dinakar, P., Babu, K. G, and M, Santhanam
Dinakar, P., Babu, K. G, and M, Santhanam
Dinakar, P., Babu, K. G, and M, Santhanam
Recent Publication (International Conferences) Author(s)/Speaker(s)
"Fly ash based High Performance Cementitious Composites", Material Science of Concrete, Special Volume.  Proceedings of the Indo-US Workshop on High-Performance Cement-Based Concrete Composites, pp 171-182, January 4-5, 2005, Chennai India.  Published by American Ceramic Society.
Ganesh Babu, K. and Dinakar, P.
"Self Compacting Concrete with Fly Ash" ACI sponsored Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Concrete Technology for Sustainable Development, With Emphasis on Infrastructure. pp. 605-614, 27 February–3 March, 2005, Hyderabad, India.
Ganesh Babu, K. and Dinakar, P.
"Design of Self Compacting Concretes with Fly Ash", Second North American Conference on the Design and Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete, October 30-November 2, 2005, Chicago, Illinois. Center for Advanced Cement-Based Materials.
Ganesh Babu, K. and Dinakar, P.
"Mechanical Properties of High Volume Fly Ash Self Compacting Concretes", SCC 2007, September 3-5, 2007, Gent Belgium.
Dinakar, P., Ganesh Babu, K., and M, Santhanam
"Composite cements – An Option for Durable Concrete and Sustainable Development" 10th NCB International Seminar on Cement and Building Materials, Vol. 3, pp. 501-510, New Delhi, India.  (2007)
Parulekar, P. S., Dinakar, P., Pathak, N, V., Srinivasan, P., Khadilkar, S, A and Chadha, N.

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