Dr. Bankim Chandra Mahanta Assistant Professor
School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences

Research Interests

Engineering Geology; Rock Mechanics; Applied rock mechanics for unconventional energy

Contact Details

  • Room No 126, School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
  • bankimcm@iitbbs.ac.in

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 Degree Discipline Year School
  Ph.D. Rock Mechanics 2019 IIT Bombay & Monash University
  M.Sc. Applied Geology 2014 IIT Bombay





Title: Thermo-hydro-mechanical controls and induced seismicity during hydraulic fracturing and unconventional energy exploration; Funding Agency: DST-SERB; Schemes & Programs: Start-up Research Grant (SRG) 

Recent Publications (International Journals)

1Vishal, V., Rizwan, M., Mahanta, B., Pradhan, S.P., Singh, T.N., 2022. Temperature effect on the mechanical behaviour of shale: Implication for shale gas production. Geosystems and Geoenvironment. 1, 100078.
2Saha, S., Vishal, V., Mahanta, B., Pradhan, S.P., Singh, T.N., 2022. Geomechanical model construction to resolve field stress profile and reservoir rock properties of Jurassic Hugin Formation, Volve field, North Sea. Geomechanics and Geophysics for Geo-energy and Geo-Resources. 8, 1-23.
3Mahanta, B., Vishal, V., Sirdesai, N.N., Ranjith, P.G., Singh, T.N., 2021. Progressive deformation and pore network attributes of sandstone at in-situ stress states using computed tomography. Engineering Fracture Mechanics. 252, 107833.
4Mahanta, B., Ranjith, P.G., Vishal, V., Singh, T.N., 2020. Temperature-induced deformational responses and microstructural alteration of sandstone. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. 192, 107239.
5Mahanta, B., Vishal, V., Ranjith, P.G., Singh, T.N., 2020. An insight into pore-network models of high-temperature heat-treated sandstones using computed tomography. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering. 77, 103227.
6Mahanta, B., Singh, T.N., Ranjith, P.G., Vishal, V., 2018. Experimental investigation of the influence of strain rate on strength; failure attributes and mechanism of Jhiri shale. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering. 58, 178-188.
7Mahanta, B., Tripathy, A., Vishal, V., Singh, T.N., Ranjith, P.G., 2017. Effects of strain rate on fracture toughness and energy release rate of gas shales. Engineering Geology. 218, 39–49.
8Mahanta, B., Singh, T.N., Ranjith, P.G., 2016. Influence of thermal treatment on mode I fracture toughness of certain Indian rocks. Engineering Geology. 210, 103–114.
9Mahanta, B., Singh, H.O., Singh, P.K., Kainthola, A., Singh, T.N., 2016. Stability analysis of potential failure zones along NH-305, India. Natural Hazards 83, 1341–1357.
10Vishal, V., Mahanta, B., Pradhan, S.P., Singh, T.N., Ranjith, P.G., 2018. Geologic sequestration of anthropogenic CO2 for enhanced coalbed methane recovery in Jharia coalfields, India. Energy. 159, 1185-1194.
11Kundu, J., Mahanta, B., Sarkar, K., Singh, T.N., 2018. The Effect of Lineation on Anisotropy in Dry and Saturated Himalayan Schistose Rock Under Brazilian Test Conditions. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. 51, 5–21.
12Sirdesai, N.N., Mahanta, B., Ranjith, P.G., Singh, T.N., 2019. Effects of thermal treatment on physico-morphological properties of Indian fine-grained sandstone. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and Environment. 78, 883-897.
13Vishal, V., Chandra, D., Bahadur, J., Sen, D., Hazra, B., Mahanta, B., Tiwari, D., 2019. Interpreting pore dimensions in gas shales using a combination of SEM imaging, small angle neutron scattering and low-pressure gas adsorption. Energy & Fuels 33, 4835−4848.
14Madhubabu, N., Singh, P.K., Kainthola, A., Mahanta, B., Tripathy, A., Singh, T.N., 2016. Prediction of compressive strength and elastic modulus of carbonate rocks. Measurement 88, 202–213.
15Singh, P.K., Tripathy, A., Kainthola, A., Mahanta, B., Singh, V., Singh, T.N., 2017. Indirect estimation of compressive and shear strength from simple index tests. Engineering with Computers 33, 1–11.
16Wanniarachchi, W.A.M., Ranjith, P.G., Perera, M.S.A., Rathnaweera, T.D., Lyu, Q., Mahanta, B., 2017. Assessment of dynamic material properties of intact rocks using seismic wave attenuation: An experimental study. Royal Society Open Science 4, 170896.

Conferences (International)

1Mahanta B., Ranjith P G, Singh T N, Vishal Vikram, Duan WenHui, Sazid Mohammed, 2018. Digital rock physics and application of high-resolution micro-CT techniques for geomaterials, in: International Conference on Geomechanics, Geo-energy and Geo-resources (IC3G)-2018, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China.
2Mahanta, B., Sirdesai, N.N., Singh, T.N., Ranjith, P.G., 2017. Experimental Study of Strain Rate Sensitivity to Fracture Toughness of Rock using Flattened Brazilian Disc. Procedia Eng, in EUROCK 2017, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
3Mahanta, B., Vishal, V., Singh, T., Ranjith, P.G., 2016. Strain Rate Dependency of Fracture Toughness, Energy Release Rate and Geomechanical Attributes of Select Indian Shales, in: AGU Fall Meeting 2016 San Fransisco, USA.
4Sirdesai, N.N., Mahanta, B., Singh, T.N., Ranjith, P.G., 2016. Elastic modulus of thermally treated fine grained sandstone using non-contact laser extensometer, in: Recent Advances in Rock Engineering (RARE 2016). Bangalore, India, pp. 105–109.

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Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Jul 2020 – May 2023, Department of Geology, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur, India; Eyes High Postdoctoral Associate, Dec 2019 – Jun 2020, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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