Dr. Himanshu Pramod Padole Assistant Professor
School of Electrical and Computer Sciences

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  • himanshupadole@iitbbs.ac.in

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Recent Publications (International Journals)

1Padole H, Joshi SD, Gandhi TK. Graph wavelet-based multilevel graph coarsening and its application in graph-CNN for Alzheimer’s disease detection. IEEE Access. 2020 Mar 26;8:60906-17.
2Jain, Pushpam, Amey Deshmukh, and Himanshu Padole. "Design of an Integrated Myocardial Infarction Detection Model Using ECG Connectivity Features and Multivariate Time Series Classification." IEEE Access (2024).
3Padole H, Joshi SD, Gandhi TK. Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Graph Signal Processing and Deep Learning. Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing. 2022 Mar 1;31(3).
4JAIN, PUSHPAM, AMEY DESHMUKH, and HIMANSHU PADOLE. "Design of an Integrated Arrhythmia Detection Model using Connectivity Features and Multivariate Time Series Classification.Wseas Transactions On Information Science And Applications, 2024

Conferences (International)

1Ambilduke Kshitij, T. Jayakumar, L. Farooqui, Himanshu Padole, and A. Singh. "Attending to transforms: a survey on transformer-based image captioning." In 2023 International Conference on the Paradigm shifts in Communication, Embedded Systems, Machine Learning and Signal Processing (PCEMS), IEEE, 2023
2Dumbhare, Pranay, Yash Dubey, Vedant Phuse, Ankush Jamthikar, Himanshu Padole, and Deep Gupta. "Combining Deep-Learned and Hand-Crafted Features for Segmentation, Classification and Counting of Colon Nuclei in H &E Stained Histology Images." In International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing, pp. 686-698. Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland, 2022.
3Padole H, Joshi SD. Application of dictionary learning in compressed sensing of data in MRI. In2017 International Conference on Circuits, Controls, and Communications (CCUBE) 2017 Dec 15 (pp. 175-180). IEEE.
4Padole H, Joshi SD, Gandhi TK. Characterization of Time Evolving Graph Using State-Space Modelling and its Application in Alzheimer's Disease Detection. In2020 International Conference on Electronics, Information, and Communication (ICEIC) 2020 Jan 19 (pp. 1-5). IEEE.
5Padole H, Joshi SD, Gandhi TK. Early detection of Alzheimer's disease using graph signal processing on neuroimaging data. In2018 2nd European Conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) 2018 Dec 20 (pp. 302-306). IEEE.

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